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The Frictionless Support Chain: Cisco’s Low-Touch Customer Experience


A frictionless customer experience begins with the integration of People, Processes, and Technology throughout the “support chain.” People and digital processes must communicate efficiently, in real-time; anticipate and respond to customer requirements, all while minimizing interruptions.

Cisco has taken the frictionless customer experience into the second digital wave. Watch the Smarter Services™ Webinar On Demand to hear from Cisco’s Chris Dexter, VP of Customer Experience, and Linda McDougall, Director of Supply Chain Services and Logistics, Global Customer Delivery. They will share insights into The Cisco Frictionless Customer Experience and how the combination of intellectual capital (IC) between Cisco TAC and a highly efficient Supply Chain plays an integral part in their continued success of happy customers. You will hear:

  • How Cisco streamlined people and processes across the support chain
  • Innovations that catapulted Cisco’s CSAT scores
  • How does recovering high-valued field assets positively impact CX
  • Why Frictionless is critical to business success

Chris Dexter is also joined by John Carrol, CEO of Service Council, and former Cisco Senior Director of CX, Mawgan Wilkins, now SVP of Strategic Transformation at OnProcess. Together they discuss:

  • How does AI help Cisco’s Customer Experiences
  • What are Cisco and other leading companies doing that others can implement now
  • Service Council Research
  • Innovations, the future, lessons learned, and open Q&A



Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey
Chief Marketing Officer
On Process
John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Chris Dexter
Chris Dexter
Vice President, Customer Experience
Cisco Logo Blue Transparent
Lindamcd Square
Linda McDougall
Director of Supply Chain Services and Logistics, Global Customer Delivery
Cisco Logo Blue Transparent
Mawgan Wilkins
Mawgan Wilkins
SVP of Strategic Transformation
On Process

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