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The Intelligent Service Enterprise


Service is becoming more and more a game of information access and empowerment as complexity continues to affect the service value chain.  Products are more sophisticated and require greater intelligence. The aging workforce continues to exit the industry at an alarming pace taking empirical knowledge with it and requiring reliance on the less experienced workforce. Customer expectations and business models are shifting from first product sale to lifecycle cost and service.

How are service leaders responding? They’re creating an intelligent service enterprise through information access and enablement. This requires a tightly woven strategy which links People>Process>Technology>Data.

View this webinar for an executive discussion of the issues, strategies, and go-forward planning that service leaders can use in formulating next steps to adapt and ensure success in the “new normal.”  Learn about:

  • The impact of intelligence on operational performance
  • The 3 key enablers driving intelligent service
  • Steps and technologies to help transform your service business into an intelligent enterprise


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John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Andrew Creathorn
Andrew Creathorn
President & CEO
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Justin Pittman
Justin Pittman
VP Industry Solutions
Mike Shields
Mike Shields
Founder & Managing Partner, Service

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